I'm Done With My Husband, I'll Go And Make Money. Chapter 2 Part1

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''They're waiting for the Princess even more than our Lord, aren't they?'

'You people aren't the ones who's going to make her a bride, but it's our lord, you know…'

The warriors grimaced at the sight of the crowd of people at the palace of Tarkhan.  

No one can blame them, the brothers and sisters of the Lord.

The husband wasn't able to meet the bride because of those beasts, but the other royal family members were free to watch.

‘But the King didn't come.'

Fortunately, the King cannot see the dirty figure of the Princess.

But that wasn't very positive about what would've happened.

It was obvious from what reason the Lord's brothers and sisters had come all this way for.

'They're spying on the Prince's bride and trying to get rid of her somehow.'

Even if they're from the same womb they are twisted and they are flawed.

But the bride had many blemishes that anyone could see.

The sight of the royal family, who are solidifying their post on the exterior of the fancy wagon, gave them a sigh.

The royals would think that there was a new addition to that carriage.

The rule is that the carriage door will not open. 

But suddenly it broke!

Please don't let it open.

Please let there be lightning.

The door opened gently with no problem.

“Oh, my G.o.d!”

"What the h.e.l.l—"

In contrast to the carriage, the princess appeared as if she was wearing a giant flag.

People who could not even laugh at the unimaginable.

But it lasted only for a few seconds.

Soon there was a flurry of snickering that had burst out. 

“She definitely a match for the humble bloodline."

“This is the perfect level.”

“I had expected a Silva.n.u.s's Princess, but I could never find a person like even if I were to seek under the bridge of the Panyu River.”


They continued to give insult and laughs as no one could hear.

There were eyes that looked up and down, sweeping all over her.

Even those who came with her from the family of her father had even laughed and  ignored her. Her own people's eyes were even more mocking than those who did not know her.

"You can't welcome that."

"She's been acting strangely since we've arrived to Aiguro. Perhaps she thought they would be different here."

 "Now that she realized what kind of place this is, she'll become obedient."

Everyone here, except Durante and a former Tarkhan's guard, laughed and mocked Aristine.

At that moment, a flutter of cloth covered Aristine's body with an enveloping smoothness.


Her body was lifted up before she could even figure out what had happened.

In a flash, her feet moved away from the ground and instead hard hands and thighs supported her as she landed on the ground.

"My Princess."

A low voice, like the throat of a beast, rang in her ears.

She shuddered, her skin was crawling with gooseb.u.mps.

Aristine then realized what had happened to her.

Someone wrapped her in silk and held her in his arms.

‘Ah, um…'

What the heck was this person even thinking?! People will misunderstand!

Aristine's face twisted in embarra.s.sment.

But the man holding her didn't budge.

She lifts her arms a little more and this resulted in her leaning against his chest.

His shoulder was so wide that she was buried in his hot and hard chest.

"Hey! Stop touching me, let go of me this instant!"

Aristine yelled at the man and soon the knight of Silva.n.u.s shouted at the man too. However, it wasn't because he touched Aristine, since it is not a crime to do so.

"Hey do you even know what type of silk that is!? It's is a precious thing that even with a box of pure gold, you cannot trade it! This is especially for the King of Airugo….to…."

The voice of the knight gradually crawled away. His mouth closed tight and his eyes trembled like a s.h.i.+p in a storm.

Aristine was truly amazed, she was completely overwhelmed by this whole situation. 

'Even though he didn't do anything in particular, why is everyone so afraid …?'

As soon as she lifted her head up and her eyes met his for the very first time.

'Oh, the gleaming eyes of the sun.'

So pretty. 

It was a golden light that she inadvertently could not forget.

"So what?" Without losing sight of Aristine, the lips of the man moved smoothly.

It was a small voice but strangely intimidating as if a beast was growling quietly.

"I'll give the most precious things to you, my bride."


Aristine realized just then.

As she turned her eyes away, she could see Durante and warriors standing before them. It was a spectacular sight to see the tough fighters bowing their heads together.

The Silva.n.u.s's knights were seen behind him.

She had never seen those arrogant jesters behave like this before. Towards the Airugo who they looted with mockery and despise, clearly they were unhappy about it but could not say anything.

There was a man's overwhelming sense of intimidation around this man.

'This is the person–'

His eyes meet Aristine again.

Unlike before, this time she knew for sure who her opponent is.

'He's my husband.'

. * . * . * . * . * . * . * .

Tarkhan looked at his brothers and sisters who gathered to treat his bride as a spectacle. The p.r.i.c.kly royalties quickly avoided his gaze and turned their heads away.

It was not worth the fight, Tarkhan took a step and strode into his palace.

The courtiers knelt to welcome the return of their master.

“Do not let the mistakes be repeated” said Tarkhan, who put Aristine lightly on the large sofa and said.


Arristine was astounded at the courtier's reply.

Usually,  even if they didn't mean it, the face of the servants tend to cower in front of their superiors, but the face of this person is fine.

"It's not like you like it either."

'That's right.'

Aristine agreed with Tarkhan's words. Though she didn't even think about it from the beginning.

Even if she didn't look at a mirror, it is obvious what she looks like.

Aristine's arm was lifted and you could smell the sweat instead of perfume.  

'If you look at me like that? Isn't it kind of dangerous?'

It was like a taste of dust against such a glance.

The end of transformation.

‘Oh, I should not think of my husband as a pervert.'

But no matter how strongly you denies, the end result will always be positive.


"A pervert…"


Tarkhan could not understand what she was talking about. What is this about a pervert? Even though her face had mention such a thing, there was little change within her facial expression from the very beginning.

'No, I don't care about such a thing.'

"Wash her."

Tarkhan clicked his tongue and ordered the courtier.

Once it was twisted, she had to solve it from the dusty appearance.

"We are married after all." She said it suddenly.

He was wondering what else she was thinking about, and then he realized what it was.

Women always wanted him to do this.

Tarkan had a twisted smile.

"Do not worry you will be eaten after you are washed. No one will eat a dirty woman."

He really said and done it now. You should never said such a thing to these women who grew up in big and fancy palaces. Beside if it is dirty, then it is dirty, there is not much different anyway.

Tarkhan glanced at Aristine, but soon became annoyed.

'I don't care'

Why does it matter what she thinks?

This was a marriage that is ordered by the King. So this woman is not important to him.

"You're still eating…..?"

Her lips quivered when she said it.

Even though he was the one who said it first, it is a different feeling when it came from your own wife.


The woman paused, whimpered him up and down, and spat out

It was a pretty good tone.

. * . * . * . * . * . * . * .

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I'm Done With My Husband, I'll Go And Make Money. Chapter 2 Part1

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