The Mysterious Land 43 A Special Part Iv: Meeting The Black Leith

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Zevo at the age of 10 years old...

It was two o'clock after midnight when the telephone of zerossa's service rang ... and since zevo was close to the room of services, he was the first who answered to it...

So he accepted the service, and get out in his first mission ... Without experience in this field, He just accepted the request because he felt that he was ready for it.

As soon as he left the big house, he encountered a little girl who was standing in front of the house ... she looked as if she was guarding it from the outside or something like that.

She looked just 7 years old ... and that aroused the curiosity of zevo little bit ! so he talked to her after he stared at her a few seconds:

" What are you doing here? little girl? "

The girl responded with a cute tone:

" Ah I am the new guardian of the big house, sir "

Zevo said in a wondering tone:

" Um, and why a small girl like you is guarding alone a house of criminals? "

" I-In fact, sir ... I am the only survivor in the test ... The test of the house guards of the clan's big house "

Zevo said in a surprised tone:

" What? A little girl like you? Impossible? are you really the only survivor? "

The girl replied stuttering:

" E-Etoooo ! H-Hai sir "

" Woah Sugoi ! what is your name? "

" My name is Drakulina Zerossa from the rebellious blood family ... I am your cousin ... By the way, sir, I am not allowed to speak with the n.o.bles of the pureblood ... excuse me, please ... I will back to my guard position ! "

Suddenly, zevo made his face close to the girl's face when he said with a bored tone:

" Look at me ... Do I look like I care about the silly rules of this family? "

" S-Sir, I....... "

" Call me zevo ... well, you little girl ... it is decided ... you will come with me ... you will be my personal guard in my first mission as a killer ... since you are used to the missions of the clan and you have that much of experience "

The girl in stuttering accent again:

" W-What sir? W-What about the house who will guard it on my absence? "

" Don't worry about it ... who would dare come near such a scary house? "

The Small Drakulina did not find what to answer... after zevo persuaded her to follow him, so she did ... The two went together heading for somewhere ... in the third of the dark night ... and on their own ... In order to carry out the mission of which zevo was a.s.signed !

" What kind of missions have you been a.s.signed, Zevo-sama? "

Zevo answered with a calm tone:

" Ah ... there is a colony belonging to the military ... We have to eliminate it first ... and our main goal is to steal something that looks like a crystal ... It has been mentioned that it is prominent and easy to get ... After that, we will hide our presence until we reach the safe area "

With a strict face the small drakulina said:

" Well ... Zevo-sama ... Since I'm your personal guard in this mission, I will protect you and I will not let anyone take offense on you as long as you are near to me "

" This is the fighting spirit !! let's go then "

The two started running with a very high speed towards their destination ! and the closer they get to the place ... the more they reduce their presence ... until they reached the exact place...

The place was a tent colony located on a low plateau that is hard to find ... It is the place where one of the strongest and fiercest commanders of the army was hiding...

" What is the plan, sir? "

Zevo answered drakulina with slow voice:

" We will hide our presence completely so that no one will feel us in the neighborhood ... Then we will sneak into the region calmly and kill all those in the colony with the strategy of silent shredding "

A point of explanation:

Silent shredding is a technique of Zerossa clan that is based on killing indiscriminately or in the exact sense ... Tearing and cutting off the necks.

This technique is not expensive for mental effort ... which means there is no need to calculate the distance between the killer and the victim and other stressful things ... but directly require an attack on the opponent and kill him, in the case that he entered the scope of the attack ... This technique can be used in the darkness when the victim cannot see nor to resist.

Back to the story:

With a strict face drakulina said:

" Roget that ! "

" Ah... let me ask you something first ! How do you usually conceal your presence? "

" Ah let me think....... I imagine that there is a halo inside my body ... Then I concentrate well on the halo until I can minimize it in the mid of my body, at the smallest point I can imagine ... Then I keep focusing on that point the whole time ! "

Zevo replied with a strict face:

" So ka ! My mother taught me this method too ... so I think this is the way our clan use to hide the body's presence - with a smile - but let me teach something more useful ! "

With a puzzled face:

" Something more useful? "

" Hai ! It's a trick I discovered it by myself ... While you reduce your presence in the traditional way that both of us know ... At the same time .... Take a very deep breath ... Then hold it in your depths and press with great force ... The traditional way depends on the pressure of the presence with the imagination only ... but what if you help your imagination with real pressure? "

Drakulina got surprised ... she didn't believe that zevo who is just 10 years old was able to invent such a technique ... a technique that even the pro killers from the clan did not even think about it ! so she said with her usual cute tone:

" W-WOAH ! S-Sugoi ! you are really a genius...... Zevo-Sama ! It must be able to make the presence disappear completely "

" Hai, exactly... so let's do that while we kill those two over there ! "

Zevo meant by his words those two guards who were guarding the northern side...

So ... after the two had to hide their presence completely, those cold and frightening features appeared on their faces ... These were the features of merciless killers !

Although zevo and drakulina were walking near the guards ... the guards could not even feel them !

" I-Impossible.... I didn't even......... ! "

Before that guard finished his words.....


With very wide and scary eyes...

He broke the guard's neck !

And drakulina did the same thing with the other guard !

" Two men down ... Let's stay together ... Protect my back while I am the first who advances "

Drakulina answered with a strict face:

" Roget that ! Zevo-Sama "

The two sneaked into the camp, in quiet steps ... after using the trick of zevo again ... It was strange that they were pa.s.sing on some guards ... without the guards being able to realize their presence ... the technique made them as if they were invisible !

Suddenly, Zevo glimpsed that strange tent, whose shape differed from other tents ... So intuitively he understands that it was the tent of the commander !

Zevo with a sly smile said:

" Those guards are really fools ... To stay far from the tent of their commander, this is a real stupidity ! Let us take advantage of it and eliminate him, Drakulina ! That thing must be inside the tent of the commander "

After the two made very cold looks... they started to walk very slowly ... with very confident steps... towards the commander tent !

And After...




Three steps !

Suddenly !!

*Boooom *

A very strong raym burst inside the tent ! The vapor was very visible ... and its density was unusual...

" N-Nani kore !!!!! Zevo-Sama !! "

The two freeze in their place, not as if they can do anything...

" This aggressive random split ! I never see similar to it before....... "

Drakulina in fear:

" This is really bad ! let's hurry up and run away....... "

" H-How can we do that and we can't even move our bodies? .... This raym.... it has completely frozen our bodies ! Without any doubts ... this is the aggressive random split for sure ... Is it conceivable that the commander was waiting for us inside the tent? but if that's what happened how did he know that we sneaked inside the camp? "



With a childish sly tone:

" mitsuketa ! "

As soon as the two heard that voice from behind ... they turned very quickly ... to see that person...

Suddenly the man grabbed them from their ears with a great force...

" H-Hey leave me alone..... Who are you and what are you doing? Let me go, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d... "

" L-Leave my sir !!! Keep your hands away from him "

And the man was... The black leith commander !

The commander stared at the two with a Baka way ... as if he did not expect the enemy to be that small ... Then he talked to zevo and drakulina saying:

" Hmm? What are you doing in the late time of the night, little kids? ... Do I have to teach you a lesson about sleeping early? ... your bodies are still in the stage of growing ! "

Zevo said with a dark tone:

" Since when? since when you knew that we were inside the camp? "

From the way zevo talked to the commander, The commander understood that zevo was not just a little kid, so he stared at him with serious looks for some time ! then he said with a childish tone:

" Oh, actually I did not know that you were inside... There is a device inside the tent that releases a strong raym vapor ... strong enough to anesthetize the enemies bodies once they enter the scope of the device, so I was not even inside the tent ! "

Zevo replied with a nervous tone:

" Is this why... There were no guards around the tent? "

" Exactly.... you seem smart but you guys lack the experience's field ! Any professional killer would know that it was a trap ! "

"Ah ... Commander, please treat them more kindly, they are just a kids " said pawru with mockery tone

And pawru is the first a.s.sistant of the commander...

So the black Leith replied:

" Yeah ! I know.... but look, do you believe that they killed my best guards? They look so cute "

Even though the commander and his a.s.sistant were acting with complete stupidity ... But nevertheless, they did not tolerate zevo and Drakulina ..... the black Leith arrest the two...

Even though they insisted on escaping...

Then he said:

" Come on guys, we've had enough rest ... let's leave this place ... it's no longer safe "

The Mysterious Land 43 A Special Part Iv: Meeting The Black Leith

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