The Mysterious Land 44 A Special Part V: The Meeting Of Monsters - Part One -

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After everyone climbed the big military trucks, the commander chose to take both zevo and drakulina in the same truck he took and his first a.s.sistant pawru, So everyone went back to the military center of the black Leith commander.

The last name: Hero.

The family name: Esperanza.

Nicknames: Guns maker, Black Leith, The raym's genius.

With an angry tone.... and while zevo was tied with huge shackles, he said:

" Hey, you... where do you take us? "

The black Leith with ironic tone answered:

" Hmm... where am I taking you..... ah ! of course, I going to take you to sleep, the time is late as you know "

"Hey, do I look stupid to you? just answer me ! "

Pawru turned to zevo ... after he made a serious face when he said:

" Yes, you look a little foolish ... to attack a camp headed by the Black Leith without putting a strong plan ... This is like a suicide "

The small Drakulina was surprised after pawru mentioned the commander's name...

Drakulina was tied with a normal shackle ... the opposite of Zevo, who was tied with strong tight shackles, this is probably because he tried to resist several times...

So after drakulina wore a surprised face, she stood up from her sit ... saying with a loud voice:

" What ... are you really the commander black Leith? ... the genius who taught our family the formation split? It's really an honor for me to meet you ! Although I have not reached that level yet ... but one day I will become strong enough to master that split "

Zevo stared at Drakulina for a second ... then turned towards the commander staring at him surprisingly !

" Hmm? who is he? "

The black Leith said with ironic tone:

" What ? you don't know who I am? It seems that you are from the Internet generation, who do not surf the news at all ... and stay playing with your smartphone the whole day... "

Zevo with angry tone:

" N-Nani ! Of course I'm not ... I'm hostile to the stupid technology that makes the person so lazy "

It is very strange that the small Drakulina ... did not feel any danger ... it was quite the opposite ... She seemed very comfortable next to the commander, as if she is a big fan of him ... so that a smile had been on her face when she talked to the commander ... She must have wanted to ask him about something, saying with her usual cute tone:

" S-So commander ... isn't your military group belonging to the special organization? "

" Hmmm, the organization? Well, We are members of the army so most of us belong to the citizens of the mysterious land !! I will explain more, The governance of the continent is divided into two parts ... the public governance, is the system of government in which the military army depends in order to meet the needs of the people and to protect them in public, And the second type of governance is the secret governance that happens in secret ... we can call it the intelligence system of the mysterious land ... It is the same governance system followed by the Special Organization, and it controls most of the things in the mysterious land, so we can tell that the whole military belongs to it somehow "

With a joy tone and a very large and cute smile, drakulina said:

" So ka ! thank you for the information, In addition to teaching us the formation split ... you are now teaching me a lot of things as well ... you are really kakoii "

Well, drakulina has to exaggerate somewhat in her reactions ... maybe because she is a big fan of the black Leith...

But... she was totally right ! this person is really amazing, he was able to create so many raym splits with his a.s.sistant pawru ... for this reason, he is famous in the mysterious land.

" H-Hihi....... anyways kids, what were your names again? "

Drakulina answered with nervous:

" I-I am drakulina sir ! "

But it seems that zevo is still not comfortable so he said with that tone as if he was annoyed:

" Hih ... As if I'll tell you ... s.h.i.+nu kuso yaro ! "

The Black Leith stared at zevo for a moment ... Then he laughed loudly from zevo's answer, saying:

" Kuso... You really remind me of someone I know... Or.... Is it possible that you are upset because your girl likes me? "

Suddenly ... drakulina's face turned all red, Yes, she must have been very embarra.s.sed after what the Leith said .... so she replied with a very fast answer:

" N-N-Nani !!! I-I'm not zevo-sama's girl "

The black Leith said with a Baka tone:

" So ka ! so your name is zevo "


After Zevo made that face as if he didn't like it when the commander knew his name, zevo said with a dark tone:

" Don't get it wrong ... What I mean is that there is no meaning from knowing our names now and you are going to kill us later "

" going to kill you later? who said that? Umm, maybe I'll only punish you a little for your excessive audacity "

Suddenly, drakulina with a joy accent said:

" W-What? really? aren't you going to kill us, sir? "

" H-Huh, what now? do you want to make me look like a bad guy, kids? "

Zevo answered with arrogant tone:

" You are really weird ... We have killed two guards from your best guards as you claim "

After the words zevo said...

The black Leith decided to become serious little bit .... or maybe he wanted to teach the little kids something they don't know as, so with a smile he answered:

" Ah ... right ! about that ... there is something you don't know, and you are still young to realize..... how their face looked? those guards ! "

Zevo answered:

" Ah at that moment... "

Suddenly ... zevo's eyes became wide...

After he remembered that...

After he remembered the face of the two guards at the moment of their death...

" T-They made...... a large smile ... as if ... they didn't even feel the pain of death ! "

The Leith said with a smile again:

" So ka ! This is...... exactly the features that the professional soldier makes at the moment of his death ! dying while doing duty and dying for those who want to protect, is the honor of every soldier... "

Zevo did not know how to act ... he was completely confused ... it was the first time he heard such words ... but what he felt in the depths was like ... dissatisfaction about what he did ... Although his mother taught him to be a relentless murderer.

So he could not continue to look into the eyes of Black Leith, he turned his eyes quickly !

And as soon as he did so ... he saw on his side that thing wrapped with a brown cloth .... and that raised his curiosity ! it must be the thing that zevo has been hired to steal it...

" B-By the way what is that crystal thing that you guys have? "

With confused tone ... the Leith answered zevo:

" Hmm? something looks like a crystal? do you mean that black material, how did you know about it? even though I wrapped it in thick cloth so it would not draw attention "

" Ah ... we were hired for stealing it "

" Is that so ... that means the enemy knows that ( the Mika high ) is in our possession !! "

Drakulina said with a curious tone:

" The Mika..... high ?!?! "

So the Leith answered:

" Ah, it's just a rare black material that my a.s.sistant pawru have insisted on obtaining ... This material exists only in the mysterious land ... We have found it on the icy side of this continent after we return from our last mission !! "

The Mysterious Land 44 A Special Part V: The Meeting Of Monsters - Part One -

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