• My Multiverse Trip
  • My Multiverse Trip

  • Author(s) : Ryan_Colman
  • Genres : Xianxia
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Read First Chapter : My Multiverse Trip 1 The End And The Beginning.
  • Read Latest Chapter : My Multiverse Trip 462 Cinnabar Part. 2
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  • My Multiverse Trip Summary:

    Reincarnation? Wishes? A System? Magic? Harem? Pudding? This story has all of those. Multiverse travel, kingdom building, fan boy dreams come true in this wild story starting in the Harry Potter world. Instantly op character? nope. sharingan at the start? nope. shameless Mc? yep. shameless comedy? yep. NTR. nope. Just to let everyone know this is my first story English is my native language...

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